Windows Mobile Application Development Training

Microsoft one of the oldest players in the computing industry is now also a formidable force in the world of Mobile industry. After the acquiring of Nokia mobiles, Microsoft has brought one of the best mobile devices. Microsoft devices from mobiles, tablets to computers are gaining foothold in the industry at a very fast rate. Also Microsoft devices are compatible with each other easily as they are all running on the same Windows platform. This gives a unique opportunity to create apps that are equally compatible in all the platforms. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition or better provides a development environment that allows you to build applications in either native code or managed code for Windows Mobile devices. As mobile environments are changing rapidly, this course provides a broader understanding for specialization in one of these major platforms. Windows Mobile Application Development course at IPCS technologies is an introduction to mobile application development, including market opportunities, challenges, and architectural models. Course covers an overview of development concepts found in Microsoft Mobile 8.1. Become familiar with the end-to-end process to install, develop, test, and distribute mobile applications. Prepare to deal with the challenges of application development for the mobile market including limited screen size and memory, gesture based GUI, connectivity, and the variety of available phones. This hands-on class provides unique and valuable content on how to contrast the approaches taken by the major mobile players. We will also give you training to develop apps of real world industries so that you can understand all the process behind it.



  • Windows Phone Platform – Overview
  • Tasks
  • Multitasking Windows Phone way
  • Interacting from background
  • Local Data
  • Tools
  • Windows Phone 8 – overview
  • App-to-app communication
  • Lock screen
  • Voice
  • Tiles
  • Monetizing the apps
  • Wallet
  • Advanced features