Blackberry Mobile Application Development Training

Blackberry from Research in Motion (RIM) is considered a businessman’s best friend. Security and privacy features offered by BlackBerry are unmatched and these are the two factors that make BlackBerry a reliable communication partner for organizations and individuals alike. Growing cyber threats from malicious websites and unethical hackers is making more and more users to adopt blackberry systems so as to have secure communications and transactions. The name of Blackberry in its secure and privacy-safe applications in unchallenged. There is a growing demand for blackberry app developers as most of the business enterprises are turning towards RIM devices. Therefore there is a highly demanding industry with less number of developers. So this is an opportunity for you to shape a bright career in mobile app development. A certification in Blackberry applications can boost up the chances of your profile getting viewed by the top companies. Develop an application that make use of the features offered by BlackBerry phones and earn from it even while sleeping. We also help in launching the application on app store for BlackBerry.

Work with BlackBerry to build enterprise-grade apps where security is at the core of everything we do. Leverage the BlackBerry App Infrastructure for end-to-end security between your mobile device apps and mission critical backend systems. This knowledge and training will be provided to you by the most experienced developers of IPCS technologies.



  • Introduction of Blackberry
  • Creating Basic GUI
  • Custom GUI development
  • Data Storing
  • Menus
  • Utility And Legacy classes
  • Location Based services
  • Networking
  • Sounds and Video
  • Packaging and publishing your app on BlackBerry World